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Author's Notes: In 2007, I set out to write my first full length comedy. Except for a few short works, my previous staged plays had been more or less serious dramas. I realized my affection for a dialogue driven comedy as I examined the sort of theatre I enjoyed most. Some of my favorite works are shows from authors such as: George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward, and many others.
I wanted to say something about the ironies of the human condition, and I felt the best way to do so was to look at us in a different light. Who knows us better than our pets? As I wrote, I began to notice the parallels between our relationships with our pets and how we, as men and women, treat each other.
The play premiered at the Ashland Contemporary Theatre in fall of 2010 to appreciative audiences and favorable reviews. It was then selected as the 2011 winner of the “McLaren Memorial Comedy Playwriting Award” as the best new comedy of the year. The following year it was performed in Midland, Texas.
Larry’s Best Friend has since been adapted into a screenplay thanks to the suggestion from a friend. The screenplay has been a finalist in several screenwriting competitions, and it won the “Gold Level Award” for a feature length script at the Oregon Film Awards.
I would like to thank my fellow playwrights of the Ashland Playwrights Project who has supported me through the many drafts of Larry’s Best Friend. I would also like to thank Rachel Kostrna and the cast and crew here at Barnstormers Theater. - David Hill

Director's Notes

Rachel Kostrna
Larry’s Best Friend is a hilarious combination of a Disney story, Ashland, and a touch of sitcom. As my first directing experience I could not have asked for a better cast, crew, and production team. I have also had the great fortune of being in contact with the author of the play, David C. Hill, who has sat in on several rehearsals and has brought lots of great ideas to the table. The process of going from script to stage was a group effort with many of the ideas coming from the actors or my stage manager. Originally I had pictured the play having some physical comedy, but to my great joy the actors took that idea to a whole new level. Every night of rehearsal brought on more laughter, emotion, and awkward awesomeness. With this show my mentality has been "Go big, or go home!" and the actors have taken that and the story and have produced something wonderful and unique. Thank you for coming out to see our show, and for supporting Barnstormers Community Theatre. Supporting the arts is very important, and because of you, our patron, we can continue to give you life stories (real or fictional) through the power of the stage. As a lover of the theatre, I encourage everyone to participate in it. Acting may not be for you, but perhaps organization or technical work is. I think I can say that there is a place for everyone in live theatre, whether on stage or not. If you enjoy what you see here tonight and want to get involved in future productions, contact Barnstormers and ask how you can help in upcoming productions. People often end up making some of the best memories and friends in the theatre. So try it out! You may be surprised at how much fun it can be. Larry’s Best Friend has touched my life, and I hope in one way or another, it will touch your life too. Thank you for coming to the performance tonight and I hope you all enjoy! - Rachel


Josh Kennedy
Prior to moving to Portland to begin his film career, Josh Kennedy enjoyed a successful local theater career in Grants Pass participating in plays such as Noises Off, Scapino, and Peter Pan. Now, as he is taking a short break from Portland, Josh has found that participating in another play from Barnstormers would tickle his fancy. When Josh is not participating in film or theater, he is secretly wishing he could sing, or he is riding his bike through Grants Pass while listening to music and imagining himself as a rock star that only works out one side of his body. He sincerely hopes that you enjoy the show, and wants nothing more than to enjoy life with his favorite theater community.

Sonia Leamons
Sonia Leamons has her BA in Creative Arts and Dance from San Jose State University. She has performed locally on stage in The Nutcracker, Porter & Gershwin Review, Seussical the Musical, and most recently One Eleven’s Cinderella. Sonia is also the Founder and Artistic Director for One Eleven Theatre Co.

KC Frankland
The first character KC played onstage was a blind boy; he was eight years old. His debut in Grants Pass was as the Rabbi in Fiddler on the Roof with RMT. KC is fascinated by live theater like Larry's Best Friend, where every performance is unique. Barnstormers is a wonderfully intimate venue, and he always enjoys being there -- on either side of the curtain.

Frances Widdison
Frances is twenty years old and this is her first leading role. She has been on and off the stage the majority of her life, and considers it a huge part of who she is. Some shows she’s been in include, 70, Girls 70 at Barnstormers, Happy Days through RMT, and also The Sound of Music at GPHS. Other than theatre, Frances attends RCC, and works at the YMCA as a camp counselor.

Marcus Hardesty
Marcus Hardesty is no stranger to Community Theater. For several years, he witnessed his brother act in numerous high school productions. Later in his senior year, he finally had enough gusto to actually audition for his first play. Ever since then, he has been consumed with the love of musical theater. Within a few years he had acted with One Eleven Theater in plays such as Willy Wonka (Phineous Trout), and Rogers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella (Lionel). He would like to thank David Hill for his creativity and imagination in which he wove into this show. He would also be pleased to thank Rachel Kostrna for her humor, and ability to cause magical rainbow explosions of theater inspiration with her mighty director hands. He hopes you enjoy the show and have a dippity do da day!

Felony Marshall is an eleven year old Golden Retriever. Her mom has always told her, she was the prettiest puppy in Grants Pass… actually, all of Oregon. Felony always knew she was going to be in acting. She was born in Los Angeles, CA. in May of 2003. In her early years, she lived in Laguna Beach, CA. enjoying the beach, sand, and surf. In 2007, Felony and her family moved to Grants Pass, where she currently resides. Felony is an active tennis ball player and is always at the top of her game, out running the rest of the pack. She enjoys early morning walks with her Mom and brother, Caper. Her favorite part of the walks is sniffing all that nature has to offer. With puppy love, Felony hopes you enjoy the show.

Rachel Kostrna - Director
This is Rachel’s first directing experience! As a student at Southern Oregon University, Rachel is studying acting, her true passion. You may have noticed her as Cindy in SUDS, Sister Robert Anne in Nunsense, or Leisl from The Sound of Music. Rachel is very excited to be doing Larry’s Best Friend as her first directing project. She would like to thank her cast and crew for all of their hard work and dedication.

Shaina Wyatt - Stage Manager
Shaina J. Wyatt didn’t grow up in the theatre world, but it has slowly consumed her. She started out doing choir at Grants Pass High School which was her “gateway drug” into the theatre realm. Shaina has since discovered that she would rather be backstage than on stage. Her latest productions include: One Eleven’s Willy Wonka, Stillpoint’s The Nutcracker Ballet, and Barnstormers Tomb with a View. Shaina would like to thank Marcus, Frances, and her family for all of their support, and she would like to thank Rachel for the opportunity to work on this wonderful show.

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