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Adult Comedy

Directed by Wayd Drake
Jan 23 - Feb 8

Director’s statement:

Welcome to another fabulous Barnstormers production. Tonight we are presenting Norm Foster’s The Love List. If we could create a list for our dream mate what would we put down? Would we be satisfied? Is there such a thing as perfection? I first came across this play on my honeymoon in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (the show was in English). I loved the play and was also struck by the themes presented in this show. This play has a message for all people in relationships. Theater allows us to explore our humanity and comedy is a great way to do that without hitting you over the head with it or making it “super-introspective”. I have jokingly stated that this play feels like a combination of I dream of Jeannie and Weird Science. I hope you enjoy this play as much as I do.


Melissa Marie – Justine
My name is Melissa. I have been on the stage for most of my life; however, after taking a break from the theater, I excitedly welcome back the opportunity to act once again with Barnstormers. I have had experience in film and commercial work as well, but have come to the realization there is nothing like live theater work! For my day job, I work as a second grade teacher at a charter school. I enjoy writing, playing the piano, learning languages, traveling, and running.

Feather LaFever - Leon
Hey there, welcome to Barnstormers Theatre and our production of Love List! Keep in mind it is a comedy, so I'll remind you laughter is appreciated. My name is Feather La Fever, this is my 5th show in the Barnstormers community. Since then I've been involved with many shows including Sergeant Carlino in Wait Until Dark, I was the ASM for a beautiful show called Over The River and through the Woods, and most recently, MacDuff in Shakespeare's Macbeth. The process of working with Wayd Drake in any form is enlightening, but as a director all I can say about him is "Woah". You had such a clear vision from the start, my friend; cheers to you! Melissa and Patrick, this ride has actually gone by a bit too fast for me....but there's always another show, right?! It's been a pleasure to work with them both, I couldn't imagine two better seasoned thespians to share this goofy stage with. I'll wrap this up with a big gigantic "thank you" to my parents. Ma, don't think I'd have a funny bone in my body if it wasn't for you, and pop, thanks for your uproarious laughter that only seems to spur me on. I love you both. Well, please enjoy the show! Break a leg!

Patrick Dolan – Bill
Patrick Dolan is here again to entertain and bring laughter to the masses. You may recognize me from such Barnstormers productions as Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, Wait Until Dark, The Nerd, Noises Off, and The Dresser. Theater is in my blood, it always has been, and I relish any opportunity I get to perform for the good patrons of Southern Oregon. When I'm not on stage I am working. In my spare time.......Hahahahahahahah spare time? Now that's funny. Enjoy the show.


Wayd Drake – Director
Welcome to my directorial debut for the longest continuously running theater in Oregon. I am an instructor at RCC as well as the theater manager here at Barnstormers. I am usually directing students at the college as they learn the craft and it has been a real pleasure to work with these talented, and trained, actors. Please sit back, relax, laugh and enjoy.

Shaina-Wyatt – Stage Manager
This is me, Shaina, you know the one that you see walking around the audience occasionally, trying to look busy and such. I was not always involved in theatre, but with the influence of my friends, it has enchanted me. My first production was in 2008 at Rogue Community College, and since then I have acted in only two other productions. I quickly discovered that being on stage was not my calling, but being back stage is a perfect fit. I have “teched” four shows, assisted stagemanaged three shows, and stage managed four shows. My latest productions include: One Eleven’s Willy Wonka, Stillpoint Dance Studio’s The Nutcracker Ballet, and Barnstormer’s first two shows of the season Larry’s Best Friend and Macbeth. Outside of theatre I enjoy dancing, singing, planning events, and spending time with family. Thank you to Marcus my wonderful boyfriend, Frances, my Tweedle-Dum, and my very supportive family. Also, thank you to Wayd for the opportunity to work on this hilarious show. Anyways…I should probably make sure everything is set backstage, enjoy the show!

Bruce Allen – Assistant Director
Bruce Allen has been involved with Barnstormers and the theater community of Grants Pass for over a decade. As head of theater arts at Brighton Academy, most of my experience falls in the realm of directing kids. I have gained invaluable experience working on The Love List with director Wayd Drake, learning the different relationship that exists between adult actors vs kid actors, and their directors. I would like to thank the theater community in large for all of the support given to the arts over all these years. Some plays you may have seen that I directed were Annie and Into The Woods at Brighton Academy. Plays you may have seen me perform in are Suessical, Play it again Sam and most recently the role of Willy Wonka in the One Eleven production of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka.

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